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Conference Topics

The main topics of the “AEROSPATIAL 2012Conference are the following (additional topics could be included upon request):

1. Aerodynamics

2. Flight Mechanics and Systems Integration

3. Astronautics and Astrophysics

4. Materials and Structures

5. Systems, Subsystems and Control in

6. Experimental
Investigations in Aerospace Sciences

7. ATS and full automation ATM

8. Section dedicated to "Caius Iacob" Centennial reffering to the following topics:


8.1 Basic Methods in Fuid Mechanics


8.2 Equations of Mathematical Physics


8.3 Mathematical Moodeling


8.4 Dynamical Systems


8.5 Technical Applications.


Special sections:


Workshop – “Dissemination event of the new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA)” by ACARE


Workshop – "NASA Official Team Building Program - How to Build Mission Critical Social Infrastructures in Aerospace Organizations" (Romanian Space Agency)


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